Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Sharpshooter McClure now available on Kindle

Sharpshooter McClure is now available on Kindle. Sharpshooter was my 18th Black Horse Western and I approached republishing it with some trepidation as I remember it fondly and I feared I might no longer like what happens to Mike McClure in the story.
With my stories I always try to ensure there’s a big moment at the half-way point in the novel. I also try to get in a good bit at the end of chapter one, chapter three and a third of the way in, but the half-way twist I tend to view as being the most crucial as it’ll hopefully ensure that the reader reads the second half.

I enjoyed the half-way twist in this story probably more than any other I’ve written because it was extreme, it delved into an area I hadn’t visited before, and I had no idea what it would be until I wrote it.

Up until that big moment Mike McClure had been on a roller-coaster of danger with cliff-hangers and his life constantly in peril and so at the half-way point he was again just about to be killed. It was then that I realized I’d written enough words to be at the middle of the adventure. So I wondered what the big moment might be that would turn everything on its head, but nothing obvious would come to mind right up until the moment Mike had a gun pressed to his head and the bad guy was about to pull the trigger. Then, without thinking and before Mike could find a way out of his predicament, I let the baddie shoot and that sent the book in a completely different direction than the one I had expected...

Sharpshooter McClure is now available from all good amazon stores.

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