Saturday 21 March 2015

The Man who Tamed Lone Pine accepted

Hale have agreed to publish my latest western tale The Man who Tamed Lone Pine.

One of the side-effects of publishing my books on Kindle is that it's forced me to read some of my earlier books again, and that reminded me that I hadn't written about Nat McBain for a while. So I thought I'd find out what he's been up to. It'll be my 33rd Black Horse Western and it should be published early in 2016.

Here's my draft blurb:

When Nathaniel McBain and Shackleton Frost arrive in Lone Pine to escort a prisoner to Beaver Ridge jail, they are shocked to find out that the prisoner is Shackleton's old friend Sheriff Ashton Clarke. Five years ago Ashton tamed the town, but now he's been charged with killing in cold blood.

Ashton claims that someone from his past has framed him, and as more bodies are found with all the evidence pointing to him being the culprit, the case against him starts to look too good to be true. So if Nathaniel and Shackleton are ever going to unmask the guilty, they will have to turn their backs on their duty and use their trusty six-shooters instead.