Saturday 23 November 2013

Devine goes large

I received the welcome news that my 2012 title Devine will be going to large print. It should appear around Xmas 2014.

Pinkerton detective Nimrod Dunn is hired by Lieutenant Governor Maddox Kingsley to infiltrate an outlaw gang, but when Nimrod's cover is blown an innocent life is lost in the raging gun battle. 
With Nimrod's detective career in tatters, the fearsome US Marshal Jake T. Devine sets about bringing the outlaw Cornelius to justice. Devine always gets his man, but his methods are as brutal as those whom he pursues. 
So with Devine's blood-soaked trail making a mockery of the Governor's promise to clean up the county, Maddox calls on Nimrod's services once more. And, to resurrect his career, Nimrod must carry out the most dangerous mission yet: to kill Marshal Devine.

Monday 11 November 2013

Six-shooter Tales now available on Kindle

I've bundled together some western short stories and they're now available on Kindle. They comprise the two stories I wrote for the Express Westerns anthologies, a couple of stories I wrote a few years ago for websites that no longer exist and a couple of new tales.


Anyhow, the book is now available from Amazon.

Six western short stories with a sting in the tail.

Once Upon a Time in Mirage - Tucker Crowley and Durango Jones share a cell in the jailhouse, and they both have a story to tell about how they got there.
Last Throw of the Bones - Bounty hunter Broughton McKay visits NeetaanTakaTa for advice, but he'd be better off not knowing his fate.
Return to Purgatory - Somerville Durant seeks answers about his past, but does he have a future?
Five Hundred Dollars for a Dead Man - Clarence Lear gets more than he bargained for when he calls on the services of manhunter Mortimer Drago.
The Finest Deputy in the West - Six men apply to be Sheriff Callaghan's new deputy and only the finest lawman will get the job.
The Man Who Shot Garfield Delany - Frank Beckett relives the day he became a legend, an event he's regretted every day since.

Sunday 10 November 2013

The Devil's Marshal now available

My latest western The Devil's Marshal has now been published. I had a lot of fun writing this one. It's one of those mystery tales where I had to keep writing so I could find out who done it. The original title I was using was Spectre of a Forgotten Lawman, which may or may not have been a clue as to where this one was going, but I still got to the final shoot-out before I worked it out.

As it turned out, the title was too long to fit on a Black Horse Western and so the final title is The Devil's Marshal. Anyhow, it's my 28th BHW and it's now available from all good libraries (well, the three or four left that Davy boy hasn't shut down).

In a travesty of justice, bounty hunter Brodie Latimer's sister Lucinda is found guilty of murder. Thwarted, when a witness is killed, but convinced of her innocence, he vows to find the real killer and, as more of Hamilton's leading figures die in mysterious circumstances, the clues lead him to Derrick Shelby, a man known as the Devil's marshal. 
The only trouble is, Derrick died a year ago. How can Brodie clear his sister's name and bring the guilty to justice when the killer appears to be the spectre of a long dead lawman?