Wednesday 30 January 2019

Paperback version of Calhoun's Bounty now available

A bullet-ridden man staggered into Stonewall’s saloon clutching a gold bar and with his dying breath he named bounty hunter Denver Calhoun as his killer. Although the dead man turned out to be one of the bank-raiding Flynn gang, when the gold bar was offered as bounty on Denver’s head every man in town was on the hunt for him.

Denver himself had moved on to Bluff Creek where he joined a high stakes poker-game, and when the formerly impoverished Horace Turner wagered a gold bar, Denver reckoned the Flynns had to be behind the gold turning up in the hands of the most unlikely of people.

Despite all the guntoters on his trail, Denver vows to bring the Flynn gang to justice. But can he succeed now that the bounty hunter has become the hunted?

Available as a paperback and download from amazon