Wednesday 26 September 2018

The Mystery of Silver Falls in paperback

My 2015 Black Horse Western in now available as a large print paperback.

I find this cover very entertaining. It's so uncompromisingly dull that I can't help but love it. Even better, this is my 27th Linford Western, and that's something of a landmark for a deeply sad git like me. I've enjoyed watching the list of titles on my 'By the same author' page grow steadily over the last fifteen years or so and the last book filled the page making me wonder what would happen for the next one.

And now I know. I got a second page!

The whole town turns out to watch the first train journey when the bridge at Silver Falls is completed, but the day turns sour when Kane Cresswell and his gang arrive. They raid the train and, in the ensuing chaos, $50,000 falls into the river, seemingly lost forever. Wyndham Shelford is determined to find the missing money, but when bodies start washing up, unconventional lawman Lloyd Drake arrives. He is convinced the train raid wasn't everything it seemed...