Friday 1 February 2013

The Treasure of Saint Woody available on Kindle

The fifth book in my Fergal O'Brien series is now available on Kindle.

As with all the Fergal stories, it's a standalone book and it isn't essential to have read the others. This one revolves around the quest to find Saint Woody and features dime novels, the laziest fort in the West, and plenty of pig rustling. The book is now available for around £2.55 from the uk site and $4.11 from the us site.
Harlan Finchley loved reading dime novels, his favorite western hero being the fearless lawman Colt T. Blood, the marshal of the wildest frontier town of them all, Fort Arlen.

So when Harlan set out to write his very own dime novel, he sought inspiration by going to Fort Arlen to see firsthand the Wild West action he'd read about. But fact and fiction prove to be very different things. The town marshal has never met an outlaw in his life, never mind arrested one, and the sleepy town has never seen a saloon punch-up, a bank raid, or even a showdown at high noon. In fact, the town is so quiet, the only wanted poster that's displayed outside the law office shows a picture of a missing pig!

Without any exciting Wild West action to inspire him, Harlan's dream of becoming a writer seems doomed to fail. But just as he is about to give up on his quest, the snake-oil seller Fergal O'Brien rides into town on a quest of his own, and Fergal might just be the right man to make Harlan's dreams come true.

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