Friday 12 January 2018

The Vengeful Deputy

I’m pleased to report that Crowood Press have accepted my western The Vengeful Deputy. It’ll be my 37th Black Horse Western and it should be published later in the year.

Here’s my draft blurb:

The town of Lone Ridge was a lawless hell-hole until the ruthless Nyle King provided order by eliminating all the gunslingers. With Nyle then controlling the town and ensuring that everyone who opposes him ends up dead, U.S. Marshal Caine tasks his deputy Gabriel Flynn with bringing Nyle to justice.

Gabriel goes to Lone Ridge, but only because he's been searching for the outlaw who killed his brother and Nyle may be the key to finding him. As it turns out, Nyle claims that the recent deaths in town aren't his work and that someone is trying to frame him.

With Gabriel no longer knowing who to trust, all he can be sure of is that only hard lead will unmask the guilty and let him finally have his vengeance.