Wednesday 28 February 2018

Bleached Bones in the Dust now available on Kindle

Bleached Bones in the Dust is now available on Kindle. This was my 20th Black Horse Western.

The inspiration for this tale came with the title, which sounded like it ought to have a story attached. So I started off and wrote about some old bones being found. Then I just carried on writing until I found out who had died, why he had died, and whether there were any more bones buried out there in the dust. . .
For twenty years, bounty hunter Montgomery Grant searched for Lomax Rhinehart, desperate to make him pay for an atrocity he committed during the dying days of the war.
So when Grant’s friend, Wallace Sheckley, told him that he had found Lomax, Grant followed him to Sunrise, but Arnold Hays and his gunslingers were holding the town in the grip of fear. Nobody would help him and worse Wallace had gone missing and Lomax was nowhere to be found.
With Arnold Hays the key to Grant finding out what has happened to both his friend and his enemy, he must turn to his gun to get the answers he needs. . . .
It's now available from all good amazon stores.