Sunday 30 November 2014

Bullet Catch Showdown now available

My 30th Black Horse Western is now available to borrow from all good libraries.

The stage magician Malachi Muldoon is the world's most dangerous practitioner of the arcane arts with his performance of the notorious bullet catch. And his show in Bear Creek draws the interest of Adam Clements, and Deputy Hayward Knight, although for very different reasons. While Clements is keen to join Malachi on stage and become part of his act, Hayward is out to try and solve an old mystery: it seems that wherever Malachi Muldoon performs, a trail of bodies is left behind. 
Before long, Adam and Hayward are embroiled in Malachi's web of deception. Can they unmask the guilty when they are forced into a showdown with a man who hides the truth in plain sight?