Thursday 21 May 2015

Fergal O'Brien included in's western promotion have just started a month-long western promotion. They're making available 250 books for $1.99 each. I won't comment on the fact that it's a Father's Day promotion, but it runs until June 21 and it includes a whole heap of popular western authors such as Robert Randisi, Max Brand, Lauran Paine, Zane Grey etc.

Due to a clerical error, I assume, they're mistakenly put three of my books into the promotion and so for the next month The Finest Frontier Town in the West, The Treasure of Saint Woody and The Miracle of Santa Maria are available at half the usual price. These books include such delights as the West's filthiest town, some misguided pig-rustlers and Professor Oliver Rhinehart's Amazing Display of Stellar Phenomenon. You have been warned.

You can start browsing the promotion here.