Wednesday 7 November 2012

Cover for Night of the Gunslinger

I've just had a first sighting of the cover for my 2013 title Night of the Gunslinger and I'm very pleased with it. I always enjoy covers that complement the title and this one has a night scene and it has a gunslinger in it, so I couldn't really ask for anything more!

The title will be published in April and my draft blurb was as follows:

With the town marshal laid up with a broken leg, Deputy Rick Cody must stand alone to protect New Town during a night of mayhem. At sunup Edison Dent will stand trial for Ogden Reed's murder. Although Rick suspects that Edison is innocent, he also reckons his own sister knows more than she's prepared to reveal.

With Rick having only one night to uncover the truth, his task is made harder when the outlaw Hedley Beecher plots to free the prisoner while Ogden's brother Logan vows to kill Edison and anyone who stands in his way. Within an hour of sundown four men are dead, and so begins the longest and bloodiest night of Rick's life.