Wednesday 22 January 2014

Cover for Legend of the Dead Men's Gold

I've just received the proofs for my next Black Horse Western along with the cover. I really like this picture. It depicts an armed man with a hat leaving a saloon, and there are several scenes in the book where an armed man with a hat leaves a saloon. Best of all the light creates a nice gold glow that is just dangling there creating a suitably legendary feeling.

Anyhow, the book will be available from all good libraries in April.

Trip Kincaid had always been fascinated by the legend of the dead men’s gold: it was said that the last member of the Helliton gang had cursed the stash, claiming that if he couldn’t have it, nobody would. So, with the gold still unclaimed, and the bones of a hundred men scattered around it, Trip Kincaid’s disappearance is cause for alarm.

His brother, Oliver, is desperate to find him and it seems the box canyon, where the Helliton gang once holed up, is the best place to start looking. But Oliver must enter the devilish outlaw stronghold and uncover for himself the truth behind the legend. Will he succeed or die in the process?

Sunday 12 January 2014

Linford Western : The Search for the Lone Star

The Search for the Lone Star is now available in Large Print. After a good run of covers that had a strong link with either the title or the story, this one has a generic cover, but I do like Thorpe's policy of giving each title a distinctive typeface.

The book is my 19th Linford Western and it's available for hire from all good libraries.

It has long been rumoured that the fabulous diamond known as the Lone Star is buried somewhere near the town of Diamond Springs. Many men have died trying to claim it, but when Diamond Springs becomes a ghost town, the men who go there have different aims. Tex Callahan has been paid to complete a mission; Rafferty Horn wants to right a past mistake; George Milligan thinks he knows what has happened to the diamond; and Elias Sutherland wants revenge...