Wednesday, 30 November 2016

More Six-shooter Tales now available on Kindle

A collection of six short stories, More Six-shooter Tales, is now available on Kindle.


Each story features one of my serial characters. I had the idea for this project when I republished Massacre at Bluff Point. It set me thinking about why I’d never written about Ethan Craig again and when I rummaged around on my hard drive I found a story I’d started called Return to Dirtwood. It was only a few pages long and it fizzled out without getting anywhere so I could see why I’d given up on it.

So I picked it up again to see where the tale would go, and it turned into a brief 10 page story. That got me thinking about other stories I’d started and abandoned, which quickly moved me on to an aborted Nat McBain tale. Nat spent seven years in jail, in both the real and fiction world, between Wanted: McBain and The Secret of Devil’s Canyon and in that time I’d intended to write a jail story, but again that tale fizzled out before it got started.

Again I picked up the idea and again I ended up writing a short story, which got me thinking about producing short tales for more of my other characters. The final result is More Six-shooter Tales.

In each tale the central character faces a challenge they’ve never encountered before. So Ethan Craig finally heads back to his hometown. Nat McBain must face up to the truth of what going to jail will mean. Cassidy Yates is tempted to frame a man he knows is guilty although the court reckons otherwise. Fergal O’Brien has a rare romantic encounter. Marshal Devine must show his gratitude after his life is saved, and Jim Dragon must finally end his feud with Pierre Dulaine to defeat a common enemy.

I had fun writing these tales and they’re now available from all good amazon stores.

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