Sunday 21 February 2016

Incident at Pegasus Heights now available on Kindle

Incident at Pegasus Heights is now available for download on Kindle.

This book features the return of Jim Dragon, who was a character in my 2011 Nathaniel McBain novel The Secret of Devil's Canyon. Jim was involved only in a secondary sub-plot, but I enjoyed writing about his battles with his rival in the fossil-hunting business, Pierre Dulaine. So I resolved at the time that Jim would return in his own adventure very soon, except I then promptly forgot about him.
So five years passed before I again turned my thoughts to Jim and I found that he was again searching for bones and then trying to hide them from Pierre, but this time he got involved in an even stranger search for the bones of a winged horse.
Clearly he couldn't find Pegasus and when the plot takes an unexpected twist and he starts looking for a live flying horse, it's even clearer that he can't succeed. So I enjoyed writing this one because I had no idea how it'd all turn out and how exactly a wagon came to be abandoned, on the top of a large rock, in the middle of a lake... 

The book is now available from all good amazon stores.

When fossil-hunter Jim Dragon is on his way to Bear Creek to sell his latest discovery, he goes to the aid of a woman in distress, Elmina Fay. Unfortunately, Pierre Dulaine takes advantage of the situation and steals his fossils.
Jim vows to reclaim his property and Elmina offers to help him, but only if he’ll do something for her. She has heard a tale about the bones of a winged horse being found nearby and she wants Jim to find Pegasus for her.
At first, Jim is skeptical about embarking on such a mission, but before long he discovers that the truth behind the tale is even stranger than he could ever have imagined.

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