Thursday, 16 April 2015

The Ten Per Cent Gang now available on Kindle

My 7th Black Horse Western The Ten Per Cent Gang has now been published on Kindle.

This book was meant to be a sequel to Death or Bounty picking up the story of what Nat McBain and Spenser O’Connor did next. As it turned out, those characters ended up being part of the supporting cast while the story of two lawmen took over.

Sheriff Creed and Deputy Fairborn are an inversion of the Cassidy Yates and Nat McBain dynamic in which Cassidy is a dutiful lawman and Nat struggles with following the right path. So in this story Creed is heading to the dark side while his deputy tries to tread a straighter path.

I'd always remembered this story as having the most plot twists I'd ever crammed into a tale, although when reading it through again it wasn't anywhere near as twisty as I remembered it. I guess that's because it's obvious that there is a twist coming and the real twist is that the twist is different to the twist that's implied. What surprised me more was the amount of action in the story. I usually try to ensure some action takes place in every chapter, but in this case around half the book is one, long extended action set-piece.

Anyhow, the book can now be bought from all good Amazon stores.

Sheriff Wes Creed has suffered yet another disastrous day. Earlier, Clayton Bell’s bandit gang raided a cash shipment bound for Lincoln’s bank. And while Creed fruitlessly pursued the bandits, the vigilante organization, the Ten Per Cent gang, calmly tracked and reclaimed the stolen cash. And for their trouble, the vigilantes retained their usual fee – ten per cent of the cash.
With the Ten Per Cent gang now threatening to enforce all justice in Lincoln, Creed realizes he has to slap them in jail, even if it means riding roughshod over every law in the land.
So Creed has no choice but to forge an alliance with the only man who hates the Ten Per Cent gang as much as he does – Clayton Bell.

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