Wednesday 3 July 2013

Cover for The Devil's Marshal

I see that the cover for my next Black Horse Western has now been posted on amazon. The depicted character doesn't look particularly devily or marshaly, but as I'm fairly sure there's a scene somewhere in the story featuring a hat-wearing bloke with a gun standing outside a saloon, I'm happy. The book will be out in October.

In a travesty of justice, bounty hunter Brodie Latimer's sister Lucinda is found guilty of murder. Thwarted, when a witness is killed, but convinced of her innocence, he vows to find the real killer and, as more of Hamilton's leading figures die in mysterious circumstances, the clues lead him to Derrick Shelby, a man known as the Devil's marshal. The only trouble is, Derrick died a year ago.

How can Brodie clear his sister's name and bring the guilty to justice when the killer appears to be the spectre of a long dead lawman?

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