Wednesday 24 April 2013

Night of the Gunslinger

I received my complimentary copies of Night of the Gunslinger today and I like the cover. The picture is set at night and as an incident at the poker table is a crucial part of the story, it feels appropriate.

The story was an itch I had to scratch. I'd tried several times to write a story set during a single day, but every time the plot contrivances grew and I abandoned the principle. With this novel I'd originally started the story at sundown on the night before a man's trial for murder. I didn't know if he was innocent or guilty, but I hoped to find out as I went along.

As it turned out, I wrote and wrote without any sign of the trial getting started until I realized I'd written eight chapters and it was still dark. Without trying I was accidentally doing the thing I'd tried to do before of writing a story in almost real time. So I carried on and as it turned out, everything came together before sun-up letting me finally itch the itch...

It's my 27th Black Horse Western and the book is now available.

With the town marshal laid up with a broken leg, Deputy Rick Cody must stand alone to protect New Town during a night of mayhem. At sunup Edison Dent will stand trial for Ogden Reed's murder and although Rick suspects that Edison is innocent, he also reckons his own sister knows more than she's prepared to reveal.

With Rick having only one night to uncover the truth, his task is made harder when the outlaw Hedley Beecher plots to free the prisoner while Ogden's brother Logan vows to kill Edison and anyone who stands in his way.

Within an hour of sundown four men are dead. And so begins the longest and bloodiest night of Rick's life...

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