Saturday 28 April 2012

Statistics, damn statistics, and lies.

Blogger recently upgraded their system and one of the improvements was more detailed statistics on who is reading my blog. I doubt anyone but myself is sad enough to be interested in this, but here's some facts gleaned from the information:

Apparently the most popular items I've posted are on here are about :

1. Ashes to Ashes
2. 100 best novel lists
3. The Dumarest Saga
4. ITV Xmas panto series
5. Citizen Smith
6. Death in Paradise
7. The Gor Saga
8. New Tricks

Everything I've ever posted about writing, westerns, my books, or myself doesn’t get a mention! My traffic comes from :

1. US (41%)
2. UK (36%)
3. Australia (7%)
4. Germany (5%)
5. Netherlands (3%)
6. Canada (2%)

Most of my traffic comes from google and other than the items mentioned above, the most popular searches that find me are :

1. Petes dragon crying (?)
2. Still Crazy (Damn fine movie. Watched it again last week.)
3. Jim Dale (An old British movie star who I assume I must have mentioned some time)
4. Mr Pitkin (The much missed Norman Wisdom)
5. Women in chains humiliation (still scratching my head over that one, but hopefully I didn't disappoint too much!)
6. Beatie Edney (Appeared in Dressing for Breakfast and I assume I must have mentioned that once)
7. Western Gunslinger (oh joy, something about westerns)…

And wait for it, bottom of the list of things people tap into google and are then sent here is:

IJ Parnham

Ah, the fame. 0.14% of all my visitors comes from people sticking my name into google. Now, I'll have to see if blogger will give me their names and addresses so I can thank them all personally. It won’t take long!

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