Monday 27 February 2012

The Prairie Man to be published in Large Print

I've received the welcome news that my August 2011 title The Prairie Man will be published as a Large Print paperback in 2013.

Tales about the spectre of the night known as the Prairie Man were told to frighten children, but one day those tales nearly led to a tragic accident for Temple Kennedy. His friend Hank Pierce saved his life, Temple vowed that one day he would return the favour.

Fifteen years later the two friends grew up to lead different lives: Hank is a respected citizen while Temple is an outlaw. But, when Hank is wrongly accused of murder, Temple is given a chance for redemption. He vows to save Hank or die in the attempt.

However, in seeking to unmask the real culprit his investigation leads to a man who isn't even supposed to exist: the Prairie Man.

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