Saturday 19 November 2011

Cover for The Search for the Lone Star

I've just noticed that amazon have posted the cover for my 24th Black Horse Western The Search for the Lone Star.

The cover is different to any of my others, as I've usually had outdoor scenes and bright colours, so I like the change of style. It nicely claustrophobic and suggests plenty of conflict, and the fair-haired bloke looks a bit like Chuck Connors. Anyhow, the book will be published April 2012 and my suggested blurb was:

It had long been rumoured that the fabulous diamond known as the Lone Star had been buried somewhere near the town of Diamond Springs. Many men had died trying to claim it, but when Diamond Springs became a ghost town, the men who went there had many different aims. Tex Callahan had been paid to complete a mission, Rafferty Horn wanted to put right a past mistake, George Milligan thought he knew what had happened to the diamond, and Elias Sutherland wanted revenge.

All were united by their hatred of Creswell Washington, a man who had cast a dark shadow over all their lives during his search for the diamond. Only after violent retribution will the truth be finally revealed about the Lone Star.

On the other hand, it's been a year now since I wrote those words and I can't believe I wrote that horrible last line. I hope it gets changed!

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