Sunday 10 April 2011

A more important matter than tea

Writing colleague Charles Whipple has put together a slim volume of short stories set in Japan. It's available on Smashwords for just 99 cents and all profits will go to help the victims of the recent quake. I've read the title story, which was the deserved winner of an international literature competition. In writing style and content it reminded me of something Guy Gavriel Kay could have written and I can't think of any higher praise. I urge you to check out the collection. Below is a few words from the author.

I have put together a slim volume of my stories set in Japan. One, A Matter of Tea, won the 2010 Oaxaca International Literature Competition. Naturally, it headlines the book. This book is available on Smashwords and costs only US 99 cents. All the income from this book will go to help victims of the 3/11 quake. They lost homes, belongings, and even family members. This is my best shot at helping them. And I'll make sure your contributions go to help real people, not the bureaucracy of a charitable organization. Please help. Order

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