Saturday 13 February 2010

Bleached Skulls in the Sunset

I found out that my 20th BHW Bleached Bones in the Dust will be published in January 2011. I talked about the inspiration for this story in an earlier article as being the title of a novel mentioned in an episode of the British tv series Hamish Macbeth. I also said then that I was almost certain I'd remembered the title incorrectly and as it happens recently I started watching Hamish Macbeth again and confirmed that I had remembered it very wrong indeed.

So, for the record, Hamish Macbeth's favourite western author is Chuck Sadler. His favourite western character is Luke Kincaid and the novel Chuck gives Hamish is The Cowhand's Revenge, a book that curiously is the right size and cover layout to be a Linford Western. Hamish also mentions that his two favourite western novels are Dead Man's Gulch and Bleached Skulls in the Sunset. At least I remembered three out of five words right, but I guess that means the working title for my next book will have to be Dead Man's Gulch as I don't particularly like The Cowhand's Revenge.


David Cranmer said...

Super congrats on the 20th!

Laurie Powers said...

Congratulations, Ian! You've been nominated for the Creative Writer (aka Bald-Faced Liar) Award! Go to my blog: for details!