Friday 23 October 2009

Who invented the flaming Internet?

I've been a bit quiet here recently due to Internet connection problems. My router expired quietly and the new one works based on some logic known only to itself, but which seems to require me to not look at it and to hold my breath while standing on one leg in the hall. Certainly any complex Internet activity such as adjusting my chair or feeding the cat makes the connection start working using the flashes of lightning principle.

During the brief periods of connection I learnt that apparently someone else on this planet had the same problem and resolved it by amending something I've never heard of before that has lots of p's in it. I just love the Internet! But the really great thing is: a few years back I could take it or leave it. I picked up my emails most days, but if I didn't, the world didn't end. Now being unconnected is just plain hell. Everything I want to know, from phone numbers to computer advice, is all on there and nowhere else. Not having access is weirdly isolating, not helped of course by the postal strike.

Anyhow, I'm failing at the moment to keep up regular blog updates, but hopefully some time soon when I've tried the pPpppoappp solution, normal service will resume. Although as I'm also on call to go on Jury service that might not be for a while. I suppose the great thing about the lack of Internet is that I should get more writing done, and with that in mind...

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Laurie Powers said...

I know exactly what you're talking about Ian. Six months ago I didn't know a thing about Facebook; today it's having a meltdown and as a result so am I. Guess I'll have to read a book.