Saturday, 13 October 2012

Fergal O'Brien now available on Kindle

After AmazonEncore took over Avalon's western backlist, it would appear that my Fergal O'Brien series is now starting to become available on Kindle, and they've started with the sixth book in the series The Miracle of Santa Maria.

Thankfully knowledge of the earlier books in the series isn't essential and this book contains the usual mixture of light-hearted fun and adventure, with the added benefit this time round of plenty of sarsaparilla, shakespeare and sword-fighting. The book is now available for £2.55 from the uk site and $4.11 from the us site.

The Mission Santa Maria catered to Sundown's needs until bandits murdered their nuns. The young Maria is the only survivor, yet the massacre she witnessed sends her into an endless sleep. For two years she lies unconscious in the mission, gradually becoming weaker, before Bishop Finnegan notices. Unsympathetically, he decides to close the mission, which is sure to speed her demise.

With her outlook quickly becoming bleak, the devious snake-oil seller Fergal O'Brien rides into town. Although Fergal is typically interested in making a quick dollar, Maria's plight touches him. He attempts to wake her with what he claims is his universal remedy. Not surprisingly, though, his tonic fails.

An undaunted Fergal vows to help her by persuading Finnegan to keep the mission open. The bishop, however, decides that the lawless Sundown is too dangerous for a mission. The only options are to hope for a miracle or clean up Sundown with fearless gun-toting skills. Unfortunately for Fergal, though, he has never used a gun in his life.  

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