Monday, 22 October 2012

The Secret of Devil's Canyon in Large Print

I've just received my copies of the Large Print version of The Secret of Devil's Canyon. This is my 16th Linford Western and I'm delighted with it.

I used to be mildly irritated that Ulverscroft chose generic western imagery for their covers with little or no attempt to match cover to story. Outdoor stories would get a saloon picture while town stories would get scenery, man alone stories would get lots of folk and large outlaw gangs would get a solitary man etc. But recently that appears to have changed. Last year's Railroad to Redemption got a picture of rail tracks and now a story about a lynch mob gets, well, a lynching. Even the typeface is a bit wobbly conjuring up the feeling that it's a tale involving a mystery.

Long may whoever is in charge of picking the covers keep up the good work!

ISBN: 9781444812763
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 240 Pages
Published - 01-10-2012
Genre - Western
Price - £ 8.99

When Mayor Maxwell and his daughter are brutally murdered, feelings in Bear Creek run high. And when the killer is caught and sentenced to life in prison, the townsfolk demand a lynching. So Sheriff Bryce calls in Nathaniel McBain to spirit the killer away through Devil's Canyon to Beaver Ridge jail. Nathaniel, just one step ahead of the pursuing mob, loses ground, then realizes that he's facing an even bigger problem: his prisoner may be innocent after all...

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