Thursday, 20 September 2012

Cover for Devine

The cover for my next Black Horse Western is now available and it's certainly action-packed and blood-soaked. It doesn't actually depict any scene from the novel, but it's a vivid and lively picture and so I'm very happy with it. Devine will be published in December and it will be available from all the usual sources and libraries.

Pinkerton detective Nimrod Dunn is hired by Lieutenant Governor Maddox Kingsley to infiltrate an outlaw gang, but when Nimrod's cover is blown an innocent life is lost in the raging gun battle. With Nimrod's detective career in tatters, the fearsome US Marshal Jake T. Devine sets about bringing the outlaw Cornelius to justice. Devine always gets his man, but his methods are as brutal as those whom he pursues.

So with Devine's blood-soaked trail making a mockery of the Governor's promise to clean up the county, Maddox calls on Nimrod's services once more. And, to resurrect his career, Nimrod must carry out the most dangerous mission yet: to kill Marshal Devine.


My wise Black Horse friends have pointed out that some inspiration for this picture may have been derived from the Kevin Costner film Open Range (see below). Although I'm no fan of Costner's westerns and tend to the view that the only drawback to the recent revival of western films is the increased danger that Costner will make another one, this only makes me love the cover all the more!


Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

That looks like EDge in the red shirt with the rifle. Cool cover

Oscar said...

Bloody good!