Saturday, 2 January 2010


As I posted a Dr Who article yesterday before the final episode of the David Tennant era aired, I suppose I should finish the job by reviewing the ending. So here goes:

Time Lords: We are coming.
Doctor: The Time Lords are coming!
Master: The Time Lords are coming!
Time Lords: We're here.
Doctor: The Time Lords are here!
Master: The Time Lords are here!
Time Lords: We will destroy all of creation, just because we can.
Doctor: But I have a World War II army revolver.
Master: Make our day, punks.
Time Lords: Foiled again. Byeeeee.
Doctor: What happened to the Master? Anyhow, I reckon I'll go into that glass booth filled with deadly radiation.
Wilf: Don't go in there. You'll flood the whole compartment. Haven’t you seen the ending to Star Trek II?
Doctor: Wish I had now. I'm dying.

Five minutes later:
Doctor: I'm still dying.
My Dog: Wag, wag, woof, woof (Translates as I want out for a poo.)

After standing outside in the snow for five minutes:
Doctor: I'm dying... still. I can feel it, I can feel it. Daisy, daisy, give me your answer do.

After regenerating myself with a coffee:
Doctor: I'm really dying now. This is it... Sorry, false alarm.

After knitting a new jumper out of the accumulating belly-button fluff and failing to invent a Tardis so I could go back in time and tell my younger self not to watch this:
Doctor: Am I still dying? I've forgotten now. Oh, I am. Here I go. Urrgh.
New Doctor: Geronimo!

The trailer for the new season looks great though.

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Agree with you fully but the kids love the show and that's who they are aiming it. I think Russel Davies has pushed too much pink politics into the show. I', glad to see Moffat come in - he has a darker style and has written most of the good episodes of the revived series.