Friday, 19 June 2015

Devine's Law now available on Kindle

My fifth Black Horse Western is now available on Kindle.

This book is something of a marmite story (for the benefit of non-UK readers, marmite is a weird brown substance in a jar that some people are able to eat without vomiting and everyone else uses to ward off flies and vampires). It's one of the few books I've written where people have sought me out to tell me what they thought of the story, and sometimes that's been that they liked it and sometimes it's to tell me that they didn't.

The biggest problem appears to be the ending and I understand the concern, but somehow no other ending felt right, and it still doesn't. So for those who I am about to annoy, all I can say is that the thing about the Wild West is that sometimes bad things happened to good people.

The book can now be bought from all good Amazon stores.

 Marshal Jake T. Devine’s law is simple. Nobody threatens him and lives. In his twenty-five years of law enforcement he’s always brought in his man with a bullet blasted between the eyes. So when Max Randall shoots his mouth off, claiming he knows a devastating secret about the wealthy rancher, Roy Cowie, he’s clearly spoiling for trouble – and gets it!
Roy Cowie calls in Devine to arrest Max and without provocation the brutal marshal slaughters Max’s entire family. In self-preservation Max heads for the hills with Devine and his deadly Peacemaker in hot pursuit. Even when Max gains an unlikely ally in Roy Cowie’s son, his chances of seeing another sunrise are slim.
Can Max survive long enough to reveal what he knows, or will the gun-toting marshal deliver yet another round of Devine’s law?

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