Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Outlawed Deputy now available on Kindle

My latest Kindle title is now available. As it turns out December’s offering Calhoun’s Bounty has been selling well. I had the great joy of seeing it become a bestseller for several hours in France, that joy not being diminished by the fact it had sold only one copy. Whoever you are, Merci beaucoup, I really enjoyed that moment! I guess if anyone ever asks me how much a bestselling author can earn I can provide the answer of 22p.

Anyhow this month’s offering is my first Black Horse Western The Outlawed Deputy. I was more nervous about reading this one again than the previous titles I’ve published simply because I was worried it might not be very good.

It was my first book to get accepted for publication and its storyline was about as uncomplicated as anything I’ve written. A bad guy does something bad and the good guy sorts him out is pretty much the plot, but that didn’t come over as badly as I’d thought. The thing that still irritated me is the hero. I’d remembered him as being a bit wet in this one, and he still is, which is annoying because Cassidy Yates is my longest running recurring character.

At the time I didn’t want Cassidy to start off as a strong lawman. I wanted him to make mistakes and learn lessons as he went along. In theory this was fine even in a shoot-‘em-up western, but in retrospect the valuable lesson he learns is everything would have been sorted out a lot faster if he’d just shot the bad guy instead of fannying around.

Anyhow the book is now available at Amazon.


Cassidy Yates was appointed deputy sheriff of Redemption City but such was his knack of attracting trouble that barely twenty-four hours after his appointment he had been slapped in jail! And if that wasn’t bad enough, Brett McBain’s outlaw gang rode into town to bust Nathaniel McBain from jail. Sheriff Wishbone is killed and the townsfolk think Cassidy responsible.

Now, having been imprisoned for the murder of his own sheriff, Cassidy must prove his innocence and the only way to do this is to infiltrate Brett’s gang. He must convince Brett he’s an outlaw, and persuade everybody else that he really is an honest lawman.

Could he pull off his enormous bluff or would he join Sheriff Wishbone on Boot Hill?

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