Thursday, 23 May 2013

Legend of the Dead Men's Gold

I was pleased to get a contract from Robert Hale for Legend of the Dead Men's Gold, which will be my 29th Black Horse Western.

The idea for the story came after writing The Search for the Lone Star. I'd written that story when I realized I'd only ever written one book with Legend in the title and I thought I ought to have written more. So I set out to write Lone Star, except at some point the legend of the Lone Star became a search, leaving me feeling bemused.

I decided to try again and this time the phrase Dead Men's Gold came to mind, which felt like it ought to have a legend attached...

The book should be published some time next year.

Trip Kincaid had always been fascinated by the legend of the dead men's gold. It was said the last member of the Helliton gang had cursed the gold claiming that if he couldn't have it, nobody would. Ten years on, the stash remained unclaimed while the bones of a hundred men lay scattered around it. So when Trip went missing, his brother Oliver feared the worst.

Eighteen months passed before Oliver learned that Trip had last been seen in the box canyon where the Helliton gang had once holed up. So to find out the truth about his brother's fate, Oliver must enter the notorious outlaw stronghold where he must uncover for himself the truth that lies behind the legend.

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