Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The Secret of Devil's Canyon to be published in Large Print

I've received the welcome news that my Black Horse Western The Secret of Devil's Canyon, which was published in April, will be reprinted next year in Large Print. It will be my 16th Linford Western.

When Mayor Maxwell and his daughter are brutally murdered, feelings in Bear Creek run high. Even when the killer is caught and sentenced to life in prison, the townsfolk demand a lynching. So Sheriff Bryce calls in Nathaniel McBain to spirit the killer away through Devil's Canyon to Beaver Ridge jail.

At first, Nathaniel manages to stay one step ahead of the pursuing mob; but as he loses ground, he realises he faces an even bigger problem: his prisoner may be innocent after all...

A dark secret about what really happened is buried in Devil's Canyon. Will Nathaniel be able to uncover the truth before the mob reaches him?

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