Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Prairie Man cover

Below is an advance sighting of the cover for my forthcoming Black Horse Western The Prairie Man, which amazon are claiming will be out in August.

If you've read my previous comments about covers, you'll know that I'm always pleased when a cover depicts a scene from the book or captures a feeling of the story or title, and so in this case I'm especially pleased. For a start it's a Prieto Muriana cover and that means in the full picture there'll be plenty of extra details, but even better, the simple scene does actually happen in the story. Now, I know it's hard to write a western without having a scene featuring 'bloke on horse' but in this case there is an important moment in the story that has been effectively depicted. In fact I hope readers might like this moment as much as I did and then glance at the cover...

More details on the book nearer the publication date.

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Nik said...

I agree, Ian, it's a very atmospheric cover. Congratulations!