Saturday, 8 January 2011

Sharpshooter McClure - Linford Western

My complimentary copies of the large print version of Sharpshooter McClure finally battled their way through the snow, ice, cold, blizzards and all those bank holidays to land on my doormat, and I'm delighted to see it.

Usually the only thing I need from a cover to make me happy is that the cover image depicts a scene that could have happened somewhere in the story. In this case the picture is of a bloke with a gun along with someone who has been shot up and, yeah, even though I can't remember much about this story now, I'm fairly sure that it does feature a bloke with a gun and someone getting shot up. So I've got no cause for complaint.

What really pleased me though was that the image of Mike McClure is of a fresh-faced young man, and the fact that he's fresh-faced is vital to the plot... Anyhow, here's the shortened blurb for this Linford Western that will be available in all good libraries at the end of January for anyone whose eyesight is even worse than mine:

US Marshal Jesse Cole sends deputy sheriff Mike McClure to infiltrate the hired guns harassing the homesteaders of Harmony. But a night of bloody carnage ends in failure with the marshal dead. Mike escapes but, trailed by the gunslingers, Mike assumes a new identity, working with Brandon Webb's Wild West Show. However, memories of that terrible night ensure his return to Harmony. He'll need all his gun skills to bring the guilty parties to justice.

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Oscar said...

Sounds like he's going to have his hands full rounding up those guys. My kind of action.