Saturday, 18 December 2010

The story so big they named it twice!

I've just received the complimentary copies of my 20th Black Horse Western, which has been printed in a special version to appeal to those who are in two minds as to whether or not they like the sound of it. The front and back covers claim that the book is called Bleached Bones in the Dust but the spine decided to have a second go and came up with the better title of Bleached Bones in the Sun.

I like this approach. As I mentioned here last year the inspiration for Bleached Dust in the Sun came when I incorrectly remembered the title of tv detective Hamish Macbeth's favourite western novel, which turned out to be Chuck Sadler's Bleached Skulls in the Sunset. Who knows, if I'm lucky and Boney Bleach in the Dust goes to large print it might finally get the title it should have had all along.

Available now on Amazon and all good on-line retailers: Dusty Bones in the Sun, the story so big they named it twice!

For twenty years, bounty hunter Montgomery Grant searched for Lomax Rhinehart, desperate to make him pay for an atrocity he committed during the dying days of the war.

So when Grant's friend, Wallace Sheckley, told him that he had found Lomax, Grant followed him to Sunrise, but Arnold Hays and his gunslingers were holding the town in the grip of fear. Nobody would help him and, worse, Wallace had gone missing and Lomax was nowhere to be found.

With Arnold Hays the key to Grant finding out what has happened to both his friend and his enemy, he must turn to his gun to get the answers he needs...

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Nik said...

Cockup notwithstanding, a good title and cover, Ian. A great anecdote too. Does that entitle you to double pay/royalties?