Saturday, 9 October 2010

Beat to a Pulp - Round 1

The best anthology of pulp short stories you'll read this year is published today and is now available to buy. Most of the stories are original and written exclusively for the anthology with a few having seen print on the Beat to a Pulp e-zine. There's sci-fi, horror, fantasy, westerns... well, there's something there for everyone. I'll report on it later when I've actually read the stories (including my own, which as usual I haven't been able to bring myself to even glance at since I wrote End.).

Anyhow, for now roll on over to David Cranmer for the details of where you can buy, and a big well done to everyone involved for all their hard work.


Evan Lewis said...

Is the Yours Truly story a western?

David Cranmer said...

I.J. has written a very thrilling, entertaining tale in the same genre as you, Evan.

Thank you, both!