Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Last Cover from Hell

One of my favourite covers is for my second Black Horse Western The Last Rider from Hell. So I was highly amused when a Dutch Western fan kindly got in touch to point out that my cover has some similarities to a reprinted 2008 western novel by the best-selling German author G.F. Unger, who apparently wrote 742 westerns. See what you think, hombres!


David Cranmer said...

Yeah, I'd say that is very similar.

Dirk said...

There are a lot more Black Horse Westerns with covers that were also used for G.F. Unger novels. When you compare both covers, there is often less to be seen on the BHW cover (a woman that is on the G.F. Unger cover is not on the BHW cover and/or the outside of the picture is missing). I have sent some examples to Chap O'Keefe's Black Horse Extra. Maybe he will do something with these pictures in a next issue.

Anonymous said...

I have put a few examples on my new blog (in Dutch):