Monday, 8 March 2010

The Secret of Devil's Canyon

I was pleased to receive a contract today for what will be my 21st Black Horse Western The Secret of Devil's Canyon.

The story is the 7th to feature Nathaniel McBain and it picks up the tale of his adventures after The Gallows Gang. I like using McBain as he has had a varied life of lawman, outlaw, prisoner... which creates different situations to write about. Also, I guess because he was the sidekick in my first BHW The Outlawed Deputy, I've never been too concerned about making him the principal character, again meaning that he can feature in a wide range of stories. This latest book was no exception as a new character of Jim Dragon, bone hunter extraordinaire, had originally started out as a bit player but he turned out to be colourful enough for me to let him control most of the plot. I hope he's someone I can use again.

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